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Bonsoir Darlings!

I am writing to you from New York, New York- so nice they named it twice. owenthomas has had the better end of the deal as he has been shopping and walking Gotham City's streets whilst I slave away a the office. He is spending money like he has it or something! The nerve! I am the shopper in the family. I wanted to write about the fascinating Icelandic Film Festival that took place in San Fran. It was great. My fave film was Cold Fever- a story about a Japanese man who lost his mom and dad in Iceland and how he honoured their lives with a ceremony at the place of their death! SUPERB! The other film was Reykjavik 101. This film was about this loser who falls in love with Victoria Abril's character. Fabulous as well.

I am now in recovery from our Chinese Wedding Banquet that Owen and I had at Yank SIng in San Fran! I have never had so many friends and family in one place. It was absolutely sublime. I didn't get to eat much as I was visiting with everyone. happypete and prettypammie both looked beautiful. Pam was wearing a new beautiful sexy dress and she was stunning! I am so lucky to have fabulous in-laws. Annie, Owen's mother made a beautiful dress for herself and was the belle of the ball! Many people came up to me and said they couldn't believe how big the party was or the large amount of 50 year olds dancing away on the dancefloor! We definitely needed a bigger dance floor! Owen's dad Bill and my father said some very heartfelt things to both of us and I was close to crying many times.

Our buddy Carol Gadsden wrote a beautiful homily and officiated over the ring ceremony as well. I am eternally grateful to her for flying out from Boston. Practically the whole day is a beautiful blur of images and thoughts and I will over time share them with you all.

It's rainy and cold here in New York and I am coming to grips with many the many changes at work but it all seems so trivial as I am sharing my life with the most beautiful man in the world.

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