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Yes, I am watching "Some Kind of Wonderful" right now and totally grooving to the soundtrack. (I wish I hadn't had the soundtrack stolen at a party.) I loved the film in my teens but it is a total cheesy love story. Eric Stoltz is dreamy as usual, Mary Stuart Masterson is fabulous as the unrequited love interest, and the chick from "Caroline in the City" and "Back to the Future." Maybe her name is Leah Armstrong or something. Oh my God, he just gave her the earrings at the Hollywood Ampitheatre and I am tearing up. Oh no, they are on the way to Hardy's house for the big party. Eric Stoltz' character may get beaten up. Oh no. I caught up in the excitement.

Anyway, I cooked owenthomas his favorite Scallop Soup because he was on Bullseye on CNBC. He was so cute chatting about Wal-Mart and Apple and all the business stuff.

Back to the film, oh, Leah just slapped Hardy across the face at his party. Oh the bad kids have entered now and are gonna party.

So anyway, owenthomas was on CNBC. He was gentlemanly to let some woman yap on and on about something. I wasn't paying attention to her anyway. Thank God I called Annie and Bill to find out about owenthomas being on tv or else I would have missed it.

Back to the scallop soup, it's actually an ancient recipe that my friend Suzanne cooked up one night at one of her fancy parties. It has scallops, lime juice, chicken stock, butter, onions, garlic, ginger, cilantro, mushrooms. It really is gorgeous. I sliced some avocado on the soup for owenthomas. He said it was a great touch. I have to keep my man happy.

Oh, Mary Stuart Masterson and Eric Stoltz are kissing now. My night is complete now. They are walking down the street now. "Mask" is on next- it must be a film salute to that dreamy Eric Stoltz. As soon as owenthomas sees that Cher is in the film, he will jump up and down screaming.

We bought a Xmas tree yesterday with Jen-Jen. Have already decorated it so I am now officially in the holiday spirit. Owen told me he thought we needed an angel for the top of the tree so now I gotta go get one. I have to keep owenthomas happy.

Oh now he wants me to take him to Cozumel. Want, want, want. Is this marriage or what?

I hope you all had a fantastic T-giving.

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