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University of Homophobes and mean Chicago

Do you hate your spouse's or significant other's alma mater? Do you wish them ill? I do.

Does your spouse's alma mater call and pester you constantly for money?

It all started about 6 months ago when I came home from work in a bitter mood. owenthomas was at work late working hard when the phone rang. I looked at the caller id and it said the University of Chicago. owenthomas has always spoken kindlyover the years of his alma mater so I decided to pick up the phone.

Some man asked to speak to owenthomas and I said he wasn't home but I could help him with updating Owen's profile with the university for the alumni association and gifting programme. The man then said and who is this and I replied that it was his partner. He then asked me if I was his business partner.

I said no. I let him know I was more of the marrying kind, significant other, husband type of partner.

Pregnant pause. He then said, "What are you joking?"

Pregant pause on my part now. "Uh, no, " I replied.

Insert sigh of disgust on his part.

Now insert sigh of disgust on my part.

I then asked him, "Do you want his updated information or not"

"No," he bellowed and hung up the phone.

Of course being who I am, I told owenthomas that his alma mater better not ever call me again and then I told him what happened.

I should have nipped this bullshit in the bud from the start but I went on with my life as that is what I do best.

More phone calls. Calls on Saturdays. Calls after 8PM. Calls wanting money. Calls wanting to update. Calls, calls, and more calls.

I asked them repeatedly not to call and to put us on their "Do Not Call List" but more calls came. I would come home from work and I would see they called. Sometimes they would leave a message- more times not.

Last Thursday I saw that once again the University of Chicago had called. On Friday morning I picked up the phone and called the University of Chicago and I ask for the Alumni and Gifts section of the University. A pleasant woman by the name of Randy Holgate answered the phone.

The Conversation goes something like this....

"Hi, it's Greg and I want you to stop calling me."
"Ok, what seems to be the problem," she asks.
"I am tired of the constant barrage of phone calls from the University of Chicago."

I also recounted for her the story above.
She seemed somewhat shocked but in that kind of stifled Midwest way
She apologises.

I then pointed out to her that if they are asking for $$$$ then they are kind of shooting themselves in the foot when they insult alumni and their significant others. I also pointed out that we are "Double Income, No Kids" (DINKs) and sometimes we do have extra money at the end of the month.

She agreed and apologised again. She then said she would take us off of the call roster. I said great and wished her a good day.

Lo and behold, come Saturday -- the next bloody day and guess who calls?

Yes, the University of Chicago. I told him to put us on their do not call list and never call again.

I am beginning to think my s.o. owenthomas has graduated from Idiot University.

I sometimes read their droll magazine about how many Nobel Laureates they have, about how some alum found the sacred sequence of a duckbill playpus' DNA, or the ramifications on today's woman of some recently unburied pre-historic Welsh midwifery artifacts or other such pedantic subjects.

Smart. Yes, but they sure as hell can't get it together and take us off the calling list.

A cease and desist letter is now on its way...

P.S. Today in the mail, of course there was a letter from guess where? Asking alums to fill in a survey.

University of Chicago...ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

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